AWI to Provide Dining Facility Workers at the US Consulate in Erbil

Erbil, Iraq - September 26, 2012


AWI announced today that it received a new work release from KBR Inc. to provide 59 Local National labors to provide dining facility services in Erbil, Iraq. To respond to this requirement, AWI will provide chefs; bakers; attendants; as well as sanitation, quality and dining room supervisors.


In August 2011, AWI signed a three-year contract to provide all labor, materials, supervision, equipment, transportation, and other services necessary to provide Iraqi Citizen personnel in support of KBR’s mission in northern Iraq. In an effort to promote employment opportunities in Iraq, KBR has transitioned from hiring foreign national workers to local national workers putting into consideration appropriate training and technology transfer activities.


As a company, AWI actively supports the use of local resources to include locally produced goods, agricultural products and local talent. In order to successfully stand up projects, we team up with local tribal leaders to vet, screen and select candidates. This guarantees the staff and the site security of the project and avoids any language barriers, religious or tribal conflicts.


AWI a professionally managed company focusing on workforce solutions, equipment rental & maintenance, procurement, and construction services. With a history of over 43 years’ experience of Iraqi culture and laws, we can easily navigate through the rules and regulations of this unique work environment. We know how to do business in Iraq.

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