AWI Assigned 75,000 Square Feet land in West Qurna 1 to Support ExxonMobil

Basra, Iraq - September 06, 2012


As a key player to the West Qurna 1 improvements, South Oil Company has assigned AWI a 75,000 square feet area in West Qurna 1, Basrah, Iraq to support ongoing projects of ExxonMobil Iraq Limited. ExxonMobil signed an agreement with South Oil Company of the Iraq Ministry of Oil in January 2010 to rehabilitate and redevelop the West Qurna I field in Southern Iraq.


AWI is a progressive; Iraqi owned and operated company specializing in workforce solutions, equipment rental & maintenance, procurement and logistics, and construction services. On June 23, 2012, ExxonMobil awarded AWI a Two-Year Service Agreement to provide General Equipment Rental Services at West Qurna 1 Field, Basrah, Iraq. AWI is providing equipment and heavy machinery such as pipe layers, bending machines, cranes, forklifts, various heavy trucks, buses, welding machines, generators, light plants and other specialized equipment with certified operators.


The land will be used to build an operations base in Basrah to serve ExxonMobil operations in West Qurna. The base includes a workshop to support a wide range of AWI products and services. The facility also houses AWI staff, as well as bulk equipment for quick response to customers' requirements.


West Qurna is one of Iraq's largest oil fields. It is believed to hold 43 billion barrels (6.8×109 m3) of recoverable reserves, making it the second largest field in the world after Saudi Arabia's Ghawar oil field. The West Qurna Phase I Oil Field is located in Southern Iraq, approximately 65 km northwest of Basrah and 150 km northwest of Umm Qasr. The field was closed to Western firms due to years-long sanctions but is now under improvement with the ExxonMobil and Shell alliance.


AWI is a professionally managed company focusing on workforce solutions, equipment rental & maintenance, procurement, and construction services. With a history of over 43 years’ experience of Iraqi culture and laws, we can easily navigate through the rules and regulations of this unique work environment. We know how to do business in Iraq.

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