AWI Helps Boosts Iraq Economic Growth Through Local Employment

Iraq - January 18, 2016


The decades of conflict have caused Iraq, a shortage of jobs for its people. They have suffered economic stagnation due to war, conflicts and displacement. According to a study by The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2013, 11% are unemployed representing 653,000 workers of which 496,000 are male and 157,000 female ( Given this problem, what are the hopes to reduce the current high unemployment rate?


Over the years, the process of recovery and attempts for reform continues to be a challenge and a struggle for the Government, the local people and the international community. Solutions to the unemployment problem may require a combination of factors including education and inward investment from a combination of sources both domestic and international.


As an Iraqi owned company, Ability with Innovation (AWI) has been actively involved in the reconstruction of Iraq. Services like welding and fabrication, corrosion protection, scaffolding, equipment rental and maintenance, workforce solutions, procurement and logistics, electrical contracting and general construction services. By employing and training Iraqi nationals AWI are working to improve the national skill base.


"AWI is very supportive of supplying Iraqi nationals on all of our projects", says Abather Al-Juboori, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of AWI. This led to AWI being one of the largest providers of Host Country National Labor in Iraq with over 20,000 Iraqis employed in its 46 years in the business. AWI maintains a low turnover of its Iraqi workforce, furthermore the majority of AWIs Iraqi employees have been long term employees. Also significant is that over 90% of AWI Iraqi National employees have experience working on contracts for international companies, giving them the experience and skillsets to guarantee continuing future employment and career development.


Local Content By AWI In The Past 5 Years


AWI aims to increase value-added Iraqi content, thus contributing to Iraqi national economic development. For this reason, from 2010-2015 AWI has provided around 2,500 local Iraqi Nationals for its LOGCAP III and LOGCAP IV Projects with Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc., ( AWI has also provided over 2,250 for its staffing contracts with PAE Government Services (, and over 1,000 local Nationals for staffing contracts with SOS International LLC ( The positions fulfilled by AWI employees range from helpers to higher management. AWI, as a 100% Iraqi owned and operated company is proud to be able to assist the redevelopment of Iraq through employment and training of the Iraqi people.


How AWI Is Helping To Change Perceptions Of Iraq?


It's not going to happen overnight - it may take years or even decades. Security issues continue to hinder the operation of even the simplest tasks. Communication, transportation, resources, etc. are day-to-day obstacles that block improvements at every step. AWI has seen a sustainable growth over the past 46 years even though there are constant challenges every day. Regardless of what you hear and see regarding Iraq, the truth is all people desire and deserve a brighter and better future. AWI will continue to help the rebuilding of Iraq as we have done over the past 46 years.


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