ExxonMobil awarded AWI with a 5-Year Provision of Waste Management Facility Services Contract in West Qurna 1

Basra, Iraq - January 31, 2019


Last January of 2019, ExxonMobil and AWI signed a 5-year service agreement to handle Waste facility operational management of ExxonMobil’s Waste Management Facility such as the Hazardous Waste Storage Area and the DS7 Scrap Yard. AWI will be responsible for the:


  • Provision of emptying, cleaning, maintenance and Overall Management of Waste Receptacles and Signage
  • Management of Hazardous Waste Storage and Management Facilities and Scrap Yard
  • Operations of Waste Management Facility that contains Incinerator, Shredder and Food Composter


AWI will deploy both foreign nationals and local Basra nationals to help ExxonMobil with its Waste Management requirements. This contract will further strengthen AWI’s and ExxonMobil’s enduring partnership in West Qurna 1.

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