Produced Water 2 DS7 Concrete Works Subcontracted to AWI

Basra, Iraq - December 22, 2021


Enka İnşaat Sanayi A.Ş. Iraq has contracted AWI to carry out concrete works for the Produced Water 2 (PW2) Project at West Qurna 1 (WQ1) Degassing Station 7 (DS7).


The PW2 Concrete Works activities include the construction of:


  • Backwash Clarifier Tank Foundation
  • Backwash Water, Recovered Oil, Recovered Water Transfer Pumps and Shelter Foundation
  • Control Valve of Recovered Oil Pump & Control Valve Of Backwash Recycle Pump & Recovered Water Pump Piping Support
  • Desander Skid Foundation
  • Nutshell Filter & Nutshell Filter Piping Skid Foundation
  • Oil Separator Foundation
  • Tank Area Pipe Support
  • Produced Water Transfer Pumps Foundation
  • Produced Water Transfer Pumps Shelter Foundation
  • Water Treatment Area Main Pipe Way


Apart from PW2, AWI was also contracted to perform civil works for other major WQ1 projects including the Major Tie-Ins DS7 with Renaissance Heavy Industries and Major Tie-Ins DS8 with China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation. With top tier talent, leading-edge construction capabilities and commitment to best practices, AWI has become the contractor of choice for complex civil works in WQ1.


The PW2 project will run from October 2021 to January 2022.


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