Vectrus Awarded Fire Trucks Supply and Maintenance Contract to AWI

Iraq - March 01, 2021


Vectrus has named AWI to supply and maintain Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF), Structural Pumper Firefighting and Water Tender Firefighting (Tanker) vehicles supporting its various operations in Iraq.


AWI has proven track record of delivering mission-critical equipment to leading multinational companies in Iraq. AWI has teams of trained and qualified mechanics ensuring 100% fully missioned capable equipment throughout the life of the contract. Supporting the mechanics are procurement teams based in the United Arab Emirates and the United States responsible for ensuring adequate supply of genuine spare parts, tools and accessories.


AWI owns more than 40 low-hour, work ready firetrucks, of which a number are currently available for lease. Given that the delivery period for brand new firetrucks is over a year, AWI’s firetrucks for lease offer various operational efficiency advantages for clients.

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