AWI Secures Construction Miscellaneous Services 2 (CMS2) Project from ExxonMobil Iraq Limited

Basra, Iraq - February 01, 2021


The CMS 2 contract provides call-off civil, structural, piping, mechanical, and commissioning support for major ExxonMobil / Basra Oil Company projects in West Qurna 1 Iraq. The contract will be implemented from 1 February 2021 to 31 March 2024.


The CMS 2 project is dezsigned to support the delivery of major WQ1 projects on time by enabling AWI to take over some project scope that it can comparatively perform more efficiently than the current contractor. Under the project, AWI will supply skilled and unskilled labor, materials, equipment, procurement and specialty contracting services to ExxonMobil Iraq as required at existing process facilities in West Qurna 1. CMS 2 involves the implementation of a wide range of projects depending on “work packs” released by ExxonMobil Iraq Limited. The “work packs” describes ExxonMobil’s scope of work and include all drawings, specifications and quality documentation requirements for a particular project. Commerciality will be agreed prior to commencement of work.


As a call-off contract, the CMS 2 project exemplifies AWI’s capability to implement projects with diverse complexity and scale on time. Having the necessary human resources including management / technical supervision teams and trained labor as well as equipment on ground in Southern Iraq enable AWI’s flexibility to tailor its services depending on clients’ commercial and technical requirements.

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