AWI Expands Presence in Asia with AWI Engineering Services Philippines

Philippines – June 06, 2023


AWI continues to expand its presence in Asia with the recent establishment of AWI Engineering Services Philippines. Following the successful launch of its China office in 2021, AWI has made a significant addition to its group by introducing AWI Philippines on October 8, 2020. The establishment of the Philippine Office is in line with the company's commitment to growth and harnessing creativity and talent globally to offer exceptional expertise in general construction and engineering services to clients worldwide. The AWI Engineering Services office is located in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, the largest province in Central Luzon, situated north of the country's capital, Manila.


From its humble beginnings with less than 5 team members in 2020, led by Ms. Honeywell Knowles as the General Manager, the office has experienced remarkable growth over the past 2 years. Despite being established during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many companies worldwide were reducing their workforce, AWI made a strategic investment in growing the Philippine office. Currently, AWI Philippines has 47 talented and highly capable personnel, including Ms. Knowles and AWI's Lead Architect and Urban Designer Howell Arocena. The company carefully selected and developed these new talents to support AWI headquarters in Dubai and operations in Iraq.


In a short span of time, AWI Engineering Services has played a crucial role in the growth of the AWI Group. The Philippine team's contributions have been instrumental in securing major projects, including ExxonMobil's DS6 55000 Barrels per day Mobile Oil Train Desalter project in West Qurna 1 Oil Field, Basra, Iraq, and various projects with China Petroleum Engineering Construction company (CPECC). Additionally, the team has been actively involved in the engineering and architectural design of AWI Group's flagship residential community project, The Al Safa Residential Complex in Basra.


In AWI, we strongly believe that our people are the key assets in the business. As we always proudly tell our clients, “Our People, Our Expertise.” To support talent development, AWI Engineering Services has implemented a mentoring system, pairing senior engineers and writers with their junior counterparts. Furthermore, the company provides free subscriptions to LinkedIn Learning for its employees, including the AWI Engineering Services Team. This platform offers a wide range of courses covering business, technology, creative skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development, technical skills improvement, and more. This investment in continuous learning ensures that AWI's team members stay ahead in their respective fields.


The AWI Philippine office location stands as a paradox, combining the liveliness, vibrancy, and dynamism of a rapidly developing city with the serenity, freshness, and tranquility of lush green landscapes and rice fields in close proximity. The office serves as both a peaceful sanctuary and a thriving hub that is making its mark to the success of AWI's business.


AWI Group is excited about the progress and contributions of the Philippine team. As the newest addition to AWI, the Philippine team can anticipate continuous support from AWI's global network. With the remarkable growth of its Philippine office, AWI is confident in further establishing itself as a leading provider of construction and engineering services, leaving a lasting impact in the industry.

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