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Through AWI’s natural cultural awareness,
understanding of legal jurisdiction, local labor
laws, and the workings of the government
of Iraq, AWI provides companies with the tools
they need for success.

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Success stories

A Workforce Solutions Success Story

AWI received our first local national staffing assignment on February 4, 2007 to staff 83 professional, skilled and unskilled positions for KBR in support of United States Consulate Life Support project in Basrah, Iraq. The severe violence in the city fueled by sectarian religion presented a major challenge to standing up the site. We developed the recruiting, screening and vetting process in cooperation of the local tribe leaders within vicinity of the site to successfully stand up the site within the proposed mobilization schedule.

After the success at U.S. Consulate project in Basrah, AWI’s innovated partnerships with local tribes was recognized and AWI was awarded the contract to 700 local nationals for Cape Inc. on March 13, 2007 in support of the construction of Iraqi Army 10 Division Project in Basrah, Iraq. Within 30 days, AWI provided:

  • Planning Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Architects
  • IT Personnel
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Shuttering Carpenters
  • Steel Fixers
  • Concrete Finishers
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Tile Setters
  • Masons
  • Plasterers
  • Painters
  • Glass Technicians
  • Drivers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Helpers/General Labor
  • Janitors

In addition to providing a vetted and qualified labor pool, local tribes delivered static and mobile security at the site ensuring a safe work environment and pathway for labor and supplies.

Today, AWI provides over 1000 professional, skilled and unskilled local nationals workforce in support of various clients at geographic diverse locations including:

  • Adder Air Base Nassiryah south of Baghdad
  • Consolidated Operating Base Kalsu south of Baghdad
  • Victory Base Complex at Baghdad International Airport
  • Old Muthana Airport in Baghdad
  • Forward Operating Base Diamondback in Mosul
  • U.S. Consulate in Erbil, Iraq

An Equipment Rental & Maintenance Solutions Success Story

AWI was awarded the contract by KBR to provide 12 USG fuel trucks without operators and with full maintenance support in September 2008. Due to the high confidence of our integrity, abilities, and performance for the past three years, AWI was again awarded the contract in September 2010 and continues the service today.

AWI provided new fuel tankers meeting all U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ standards. All of the tankers are lined with polyurethane coating, equipped with special safety valves, connections, loading heads, automatic shut off nozzles, meters (to record in U.S. GL), retractable hose reels and pumping apparatus. These items were procured from the U.S., assembled in Dubai, and delivered to Iraq meeting all safety requirements.

Over the past three years, over 527,000,000 liters of fuel has been safely transported using twelve 5000GL fuel tankers and four 10,000GL fuel tankers to run on 20 different routes to fuel 1,050 generators and two power plants on daily basis within the Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq.

A Procurement and Logistics Services Success Story

AWI provided ExxonMobil with high-quality fuel tanks that were designed and constructed in accordance with European Standards and were environment-friendly. Each tank was equipped with meter/counter, air eliminator, and fuel sampling tools and completed with spare parts. The following were the specifications:

(11) new 40,000-45,000 Liter Containerized Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks (10,500-12,000 Gallons)
(1) Printing metering system with air separator (Veeder Root/Satam Compatible)
(1) Dual fuel pump and filter system
(1) Drip Pan
(1) Tank Level and Temperature gage indicator
(1) Flexible petroleum hoses 3” (10 meters long) inclusive all cam locks
(1) Thermal insulation for 40 feet container
(1) Safety Signage (Kit)

The fuel tankers were procured from Turkey and transported as a standard 40 ft. ISO tank container (CSC Plated) via road to West Qurna 1, Oil Field Ira with all safety requirements. For more than 4 decades, AWI has built a strong reputation for delivering quality and safety results for our clients.

A Construction Services Success Story

In August 2009, AWI received our first construction contract with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for their security enhancement work at the UN Logistic Base located in the Baghdad International Airport.

AWI provided all material, labor, supervision, management, equipment, and tools necessary to:
1. Supply and install 190 linear meters pre-cast reinforced concrete, 5000PSI and 6 meter height T-walls around the main building on a reinforced concrete pathway
2. Secure T-walls with steel wire rope to lateral beams constructed from reinforced concrete
3. Relocate 16 light fixtures from the roof of the main building to the top of the T-walls
4. Prepare 1500 square meter crushed stone yard around the main building
5. Fabricate 487 liner meter Chain link fence with 600mm diameter razor wire concertina and two 9 meter wide gates.

The type of construction work included leveling, grading, excavation, backfilling, compaction, civil work to cast T-wall pathways, construction of support beams and fence columns, electrical terminations and reconnections, welding and painting.

During the installation of the blast walls, AWI engineers noticed a change in site conditions which indicated the soil bearing capacity not being strong enough to support the blast walls. This condition required an immediate change in the design and scope in order to ensure the safety and security of the site.

The AWI team submitted our concerns along with the rationale and facts of the findings and submitted a new design recommendation to the UN engineers. The changes to the scope of work were immediately accepted and the new design was implemented.

UNAMI Engineers were impressed with the quality of materials used and the professionalism of our site engineers and design team, which demonstrated we did everything possible to do the right thing at the right time. With this level of confidence, UNAMI has awarded AWI with several other projects.

Creating Success Stories for Companies Doing Business in Iraq

AWI has been providing quality business services for the international business community in and for Iraq for over 47 years. As Iraq continues to evolve, constant changes in policy and rule are the norm. Through our natural cultural awareness, understanding of legal jurisdictions, local labor laws, and the workings of the government of Iraq, we provide companies with the tools they need for success.

We maintain a mature logistics process, secure customs procedures, and excellent relations with local governments with our established supply chain and capabilities to access suppliers and ship materials from global markets. These include the delivery over $50M of materials from Dubai, US, China, Spain, Italy, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi, UK, Nether, Korea and Egypt to Iraq.

With our comprehensive range and reliable service to expedite and complete the requirements of those companies doing business in Iraq, we have helped several companies navigate through areas such as:

  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Local rules and regulations
  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Personnel entry/exit visa issues
  • Registration Processes for company, vehicle, and personnel
  • Banking Issues including bank guarantee requirements
  • Office Space Leases
  • Procurement and Logistics

For PAE, we provided business services to assist them obtain their entry/exit visas for all of their personnel when the Government of Iraq changed the requirements.

For KBR, we provided the necessary legal advice and updates on new rules and regulations being set forth by the Government of Iraq. For SOC, LLC we provided the necessary assistance in finalizing their financial statements to meet local requirements, filed their Iraqi taxes, and introduced them to the local Iraqi banking system.

For AMK9, we are sponsoring them in Iraq and providing an Iraqi manager in addition to securing an office lease in order for them to have a local presence.

For Cape, Inc., we provided travel services, Visa assistance, transit accommodations as well as legal advice and assistance to set up local branches in Iraq.

We have the expertise and know-how to help you with the rules and regulations of doing business in Iraq. AWI’s expert staff members provide the support you need to navigate and complete these processes.