AWI was founded by the enterprising visionary, Abdul Mahdi Muslim Tahir Al-Juboori, who is among the first construction pioneers of Iraq. An engineer by trade and education, he had the foresight and work ethic that continues to drive AWI's commitment to quality and highest performance standards, complete transparency and continued customer satisfaction.

Al-Juboori's independent construction portfolio includes several factories, banks, health centres, schools, ballet courts, library buildings and a broadcasting tower.

With over 53 years of experience, Al-Juboori has been instrumental in developing Iraq's infrastructure through his groundbreaking innovations and services while serving his tenure with the Ministry.


AWI continues to thrive and be successful through the leadership of Abather Al-Juboori, the current President/CEO, who embraces the enterprising visionary characteristics of the original founder. Al-Juboori's vision, strategic execution and international experience are keys to building partnerships.

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