Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions


AWI has been designing, developing, and managing Information Technology and Security (ITS) solutions for both public and private sectors since 2003. Through our products and services, we help clients stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape and maximize their overall success.


We offer a unique approach in our IT services by focusing on results. Before engaging in any project, we assess the digital maturity of our clients and work with them in developing solutions befitting their needs, taking into account their existing systems and capabilities as well as available infrastructure in Iraq. We make sure that our clients have the capacity to seamlessly embrace our technology offering.


Our design services and solutions are aimed at improving efficiency, reducing costs and helping our clients gain maximum benefit from their assets.


We offer end-to-end security solutions — from expert advisory services to fully managed security operations.


Our company offers an integrated approach to protect our clients’ systems, endpoints, users, processes, applications, and data effectively. The technology we provide prevents potential attack pathways, reduce cyber risk and improve threat detection and incident response.


We also install structured cabling systems using both copper and fiber-based materials. We employ the latest standards in network infrastructure that supports next generation networking technologies. Whether for a data center or a large enterprise infrastructure, we have the right networking setup for every type of client.


AWI’s IT engagements are expanding, thus we continually enhance our knowledge and skills to better accommodate the growing sophistication of products and services demanded by our clients. To continue our competitive edge and ensure the superior quality and operational efficiency of our offering, we maintain a close partnership with top IT firms globally.


Our IT Services also include:


  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Iraq and UAE
  • Cloud solutions (CS)
  • Facility Security systems (FSS)
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Asset Management System (AMS)

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