Procurement & Logistics Services

Procurement & Logistics Services


AWI has an experienced procurement team that can source required for a  project be it related to a complex oil and gas, power utility and construction projects or goods such as office supplies and sanitation products; technical services such as IT outsourcing; or transportation services such as buses, trucks, or spare parts.


In addition to local suppliers in Iraq, we maintain valued vendor relationships in countries such as the UAE, United States, China, India, Spain, UK, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Leveraging our regional and international supplier networks, we provide the best value procurement and logistics solutions for our clients.


We vet our network of suppliers, manufacturers and authorized distributors.  To eliminate potential counterfeit and substandard products, we developed a quality control system to verify origin, specification, quality, efficiency, half-life and capacity of all items we provide.


We are experienced meeting customs requirements, enabling us to clear imported commodities in a timely manner. Our continuous auditing system enforces compliance and integrity in our procurement procedures.


We offer reliable,  on-time project deliveries by using:


  • Strict quality standards with cost savings
  • Advances sourcing method
  • Proven delivery management systems
  • Market intelligence
  • Innovative performance solutions

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