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AWI’s strict adherence to safety
policies ensure that work is performed
using safe work practices and devotion
to environmental controls.

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Our safety policy

Our ambitious goal of reducing and ultimately eliminating work related injuries requires work and dedication. We demonstrate our dedication throughout the workplace by following strict safety rules and measures.

We provide all of the necessary training for our employees to ensure that they may perform their tasks in a safe and healthy manor. Our training ranges from basic workplace safety to the handling of hazardous materials.

In accordance with our goal, we are committed to following the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to the letter so as to ensure that both employees and workers are working under proper conditions at all times.

It is our duty to guarantee that every employee follows the provisions of the AWI Safety and Health Plan. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients on the subject of Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) to ensure that the necessary requirements are met so as to protect employees, property, equipment and the environment.

Our safety policy also guarantees that safe practices and proper measures will undergo continuous improvements to better protect the safety and health of every employee.