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AWI’s core philosophy is that of safety which comes second to none. We believe that the health and safety of every worker is of the highest priority. We take pride in our commitment in maintaining a high level of safe practices as well as upholding our extensive record of safety.

In order to ensure that all of our work follows the best safe work practices, we offer continuous training and development of safety controls. Integrating health and safety into our everyday work routine is part of AWI’s objective to establish a consistent company and site-wide approach to worker protection. Employees are also encouraged to take part in all discussions on the subject of health and safety concerns.

AWI works hard to preserve a low level of work related injuries. Over the past five years, our safety performance has resided well above the norm in terms of statistical standards of contracts similar to the ones we’ve completed. Within these five years, AWI has exceeded one million hours without a single recordable Injury.

It is our mission to maintain our impressive safety performance record while striving for no work related injuries at anytime.