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Equipment Rental and Maintenance

AWI provides material handling equipment, high-quality heavy machinery, armored and non-tactical vehicles and firefighting equipment for leasing.

Our rental fleet is up-to-date, extensive, and operated by experienced service professionals. Our highly qualified staffs and experienced technicians ensure that our vehicles and equipment are well maintained and will operate effectively and reliably straight from procurement, which helps our clients deliver efficiently and on schedule.

With over 200 kinds of equipment in ready stock and affiliations with leading manufacturers, our turn-around time for mission critical equipment is less than 48 hours. From equipment sourcing and delivery to providing certified technicians for maintenance and safety checks, AWI offers agile and flexible solutions to drive your growth.

With procurement teams in Baghdad, Dubai, UK, and the U.S, AWI has the capability to supply your specialized equipment and vehicle requirements on schedule at a competitive price. Our established international network of suppliers gives us access to various goods and services that are not readily available in the local or regional market. It also gives the us capability to offer genuine spare parts directly from the manufacturer and provide accessories necessary to meet OSHA safety standards on short notice.

Our average fleet performance efficiency rating is consistently over 95% in even the most austere environments and under very stringent requirements. Our certified mechanics are able to immediately diagnose defaults and troubleshoot for any issues to immediately provide resolutions.