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Integrated EPC and Commissioning

AWI offers a complete integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to oil, gas, and power producing companies. We deal with all aspects of turnkey construction process from detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and startup.

Engineering and Design

We leverage our decades of construction legacy in designing projects to guarantee constructability, operability, and efficiency. We strictly adhere to the goals of our clients, local contexts, and global engineering standards while exploring opportunities to implement cost saving strategies to optimize value throughout our design process.

We ensure smooth transition from strategic decisions and front-line implementation. We prepare for all the critical construction and completion aspects of our projects and identify potential risks and bottlenecks early to be able to reduce and manage them effectively.

We design to provide optimal solutions for our clients. For brownfield developments, we drive success by integrating our technical expertise in construction and project execution to develop “best fit” engineering solutions. We ensure that our designs can be implemented with minimum impact on our client’s ongoing operations.

For greenfield projects, we capitalize on our engineering capabilities around risk, cost, schedule, and constructability to optimize our front-end solutions. Our expertise enables us to develop solutions that reduce capital and operational costs, ensure timeliness to schedule, while optimizing safety and operability.


Our logistics and supply chain capability extend from major trade centers globally to challenging remote areas in Iraq.

We have teams based in major oil, gas, and energy equipment exporting countries such as the United Kingdom, United States and the United Arab Emirates. Our strategic presence in these countries gives us an excellent source of equipment and materials for all our project needs, safeguarding their quality and timely delivery. Our integrated procurement benchmarking database ensures competitive and latest pricing.

Among the underlying challenges of multinational company operations in Iraq is securing sound transportation and logistics support especially for large specialized equipment. Being an Iraqi company, we use our vast procurement and logistics experience and local connections to ensure delivery of any equipment or material requirement. We take pride in our industry-best expertise in high-value order management in Iraq.

Project Management and Construction

Our extensive construction experience in Iraq allows us to deliver complex construction projects, whether greenfield or brownfield developments, onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream. We add value by making sure that our project execution processes help reduce risk, assure quality, and ensure completion of projects on time and on budget.

As a local company committed to contribute in the development of Iraq, we employ local people, work with local suppliers and build local capabilities. We want to leave a positive legacy to the communities we work in, so we help ensure that our projects offer a positive contribution to the local economy, leave no adverse impact to the environment, support inclusive development, peace and security.

Commissioning and Start-up

Our integrated EPC systems and processes ensure that the facilities we had designed and built are ready to be operated safely and reliably before handling to clients.

We practice due diligence in our design and execution process ensuring that all potential risks and challenges were identified and managed in the early phases of our project. We also involve our inhouse completion teams in all the stages of the project: from proposal stages, working through engineering design and procurement, to construction to enable seamless transition during commissioning.

Our integrated EPC delivery model together with our local knowledge and vast network help ensure efficient delivery of any of your projects in Iraq.