Workforce Services

Workforce Services


Whether you are looking for professional Iraqi talent, construction workers or an expatriate to address a unique operational need, we can deliver the best talent for you. AWI provides custom outsourcing solutions that will provide the best available workforce for your operations in Iraq.


Our differentiated professional services include contract staffing, permanent recruitment, on-demand staffing, and employee deployment. AWI’s reputation as the best provider of manpower in Iraq hinges on its ability to consistently deliver qualified employees to customers on a timely basis.


AWI’s history of expertly planned and professionally executed services spans five (5) decades. As a local company with enduring existence, we have a thorough understanding of labor laws and practices as well as cultural imperatives necessary to deliver in a unique country such as Iraq. Our clients leverage our expertise to reduce risk exposure on compliance, legal processes and employee relations.


The quality of our workforce differentiates our operations in Iraq. We have highly capable and experienced people supported by continuing education and training. We are committed to attract the best talent and promote a working environment that encourages excellence, innovation and collaboration.


Our ability to get the best available talent, both for regular and contractual work, enables our workforce solutions business. We offer the highest quality talent community from our past projects providing our clients with access to qualified, vetted and experienced professionals.


In providing local workers, the relationship we have built with tribal leaders allow us to seek their assistance to vet, screen and select candidates. This, together with our proven systems and processes assure quality delivery of manpower both in volume and niche at the best turn-around-time.


Our workforce solutions include:


  • Recruiting highly qualified individuals
  • Vetting of all personnel to include full background checks, medical screening, and training
  • Providing personal protection equipment (PPE) if required
  • Providing transportation as needed
  • Providing insurance as required
  • Completing health and safety checks
  • Completing audits and controls
  • Maintaining accurate time keeping and payroll services
  • Training for equipment operators to meet OSHA standards

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